Technical Requirements

Requirements of the venue:

  • The projection dome requires a space with at least 6 x 6 metres of floor space and 5 metres floor to ceiling.
  • The dome and projectors are actually quite light, weighing less than 130kg in total. The dome is normally hung by cables from either a lighting truss or similar, or bolts in the walls or ceiling, but could also be hung from a temporary scaffold etc. The venue will normally be responsible for the physical hanging of the dome.
  • The room needs to be reasonably dark - total blackout isn’t necessary, but there should be no direct sunlight and lighting levels in the room should be controllable.
  • Obviously we’ll need to see drawings and photographs of the venue as early as possible so that we can work with you to design the way piece will work in your particular space
  • If the piece will be showing live data it will require a reliable internet connection with at least 20mb/s bandwidth. If it’s difficult to get a single line of this speed we can combine together several slower connections (eg. 5 x 4mb/s connections). If a good internet connection isn’t possible then the piece can still work using historical data rather than a real-time stream.
  • Electricity - the server cabinet requires about 3000 watts of power. The dome and projectors require about 2500 watts.


Shipping list

  • 2 x Tower Mac pro = 70 x 60 x 32cm. Approx 20kg each
  • 1 x HPDL785 Server = 31 x 44 x 70 cm. Approx 72kg
  • 1 x cylinder mac pro = 30 x 20 x 20cm. Approx 5kg.
  • 2 x monitors = approx 50 x 30 10cm. approx 2kg
  • 1 x ethernet switch = approx 50 x 30 x 10cm. approx 2kg
  • 1 x Fulldome Media server system + calibration software and 1 x 4K capture card = approx 40 x 55 x 46cm. approx 30kg
  • 5 x projectors = approx 40 x 25 x 35cm. approx 3kg each
  • 1 x miscellaneous extras = approx 50 x 50 x  50cm. approx 30kg
  • 1 x planetarium dome = 162 x 22 x 22cm. approx 27kg + video cables set + power cables set + control cables set + 1 wifi access point
  • 1 x Photo Camera with fisheye lens
  • 1 x camera tripod with 1 x transportation bag

Shipping and insurance to be arranged by the venue


To be sourced locally

  • 1 x 42U Server cabinet - these are the kinds of cabinets used in computer server rooms.
  • 3 x Beanbag chairs - At least 3 good quality grey, black or white beanbags need to be provided for seating underneath the dome, to allow visitors to sit down and look up at the stars.

These items will usually be sourced locally, because they aren’t economical to ship, however we can supply them if required


  • Ideally we will require about 7 days on site for installation of the piece before the opening. The minimum installation time is 4 days.
  • The physical hanging of the dome will usually be the responsibility of the venue, but we will oversee it. If there is a pre-existing lighting truss or other ceiling fixtures they will usually be sufficient, otherwise eye-bolts can be installed in the ceiling, or temporary scaffolding installed. The total weight of the dome and projectors is about 130kg, and it is usually hung using four or more steel cables, meaning that each attachment point only has to handle about 40kg.
  • We will need a descriptive text near the dome - usually on the wall. The piece is sponsored by several companies and organisations - the wall text must also include their logos. We can supply a design of the text and sponsors panel in English, or work with your designers. The venue will be responsible for translation and printing.



  • We will train a member of gallery staff in the process of recalibrating the projection system. Recalibration takes about half an hour, and is necessary if a projector bulb is changed or a projector is knocked out of alignment.
  • During long exhibitions the projection system should be re-calibrated about once a month.
  • During very long exhibitions the projector bulbs should be changed every 5 or 6 months.
  • The computers should be left on for the entire duration of the exhibition, not shut down at night. However, if a computer is accidentally switched off it should recover automatically when rebooted.
  • The projectors should be turned off when the gallery is closed
  • Assuming that the system has an internet connection, we can remotely diagnose any problems - please call us if you have any issues.
  • Insurance of the equipment during the exhibition to be arranged by the venue. The total value of the equipment is approximately $60000 (details on request if necessary).