Commissioned by the Somerset House Trust and ArtScience Museum Singapore for Big Bang Data, an exhibition curated by Olga Subirós and José Luis de Vicente, Centre de Cultura Contemporània 

Artists: Joshua Portway and Lise Autogena

Chief Programmer: Tom Riley

Original a-life design: Cefn Hoile

Access to the global financial markets facilitated by Thomson Reuters



Somerset House, London 3/12 2015 - 20/3 2016

Commissioned by the Somerset House Trust for Big Bang Data, an exhibition organised by The Somerset House Trust and Centre de Cultura Contemporània 

Artists: Joshua Portway and Lise Autogena

Chief Programmer: Tom Riley

Original a-life design: Cefn Hoyle


Thomson Reuters: Gavin Carey, Shan Kelly, Julie Kendrick, James Waitword, Kerry Bakerrelf, Claire Pons,  Andrew Fenner, Nitin Parmar, James Cantarella, Eric Fischkin, Roland Beton, Melissa Berry, Ryan Prout, Iain Scott, Tom Carter, Carl Kemp, Andrew Hughes, Patrick Kuster, Jutta Werner and Betty Ku, Simon Yodan, London Stock Exchange, Cameron Mc Donald and Lora Chang, New York Stock Exchange, Michael Markes, NASDAQ and Lisa McAllister, Toronto Stock Exchange.

Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Centre 2004February 6th to April 12th 2004



Artists : List Autogena and Joshua Portway

Chief Programmer : Thomas Riley

Designer of artificial life : Cefn Hoyle

Curator: Elisabeth Delin Hansen

Design: Caroline Seehusen

Print: Bording


The Support Group: Ejvind Sandal, Jørgen Ejbøll, Fleming Grunnet, Preben Mejer – InnovationLab, Peter Belling, Peter Legind, Berit Mattebjerg Lorenzen – Copenhagen Stock Exchange, Lise Bolhorn and Søren Kielgast. 

Ole Andersen, Claus W. Silfverberg and Jørgen Horwitz

Tate Britain 2000

Black Shoals Stock Market Planetarium was exhibited at Tate Britain in London, 2000-1, as part of Art and Money Online, curated by Julian Stallabrass. The project had been in development since 1998


Artists: Lise Autogena and Joshua Portway

Designer of Alife: Cefn Hoyle, Bt Future Technology Group 

Stephane Corthesy and Marco Scheurer – Sen:te, Switzerland, Tim Tyler, Philip Mötteli

Web site design: David Rainsford, Simeon Portway, Erik Doernenburg, Igor Clark, Stuart Smith and Christof Ulbrich



Cefn Hoyle, BT Future Technology Group, Jon Bird and Mathew Tizard – Cognitive and Computing Sciences Department, University of Sussex, Joe Faith, Torsten Reil – Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, Fabrice Chantemarque and Jean-Alexis Montignies – Sen:te, Switzerland, Will Smith, Philip Mötteli and Tim Tyler



Prof. Julian Stallabrass, The Courtauld Institute in London, Daniel G. Weaver, Ph.D. – Rutgers University, US, Anne Marie Highley, Karen Dore and Ian Meadows – Reuters, Thomas S. Ray – Professor of Zoology, Department of Zoology, University of Oklahoma, Phil Husbands, Jon Bird, Mathew Tizard & Inman Harvey – Cognitive and Computing Sciences Department at the University of Sussex, UK, Prof. Anders Grosen, Arne Molgaard Frandsen and Ken Nyholm – The Danish Business School in Aarhus, Matthew Chalmers – Department of Computer Science, Glasgow University and Max Bruche, London School of Economics + many others